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About Lunar Numbat

Lunar Numbat is a team of Australians and New Zealanders who use their skills and Open Source technologies to partner with the Google Lunar X-Prize team "White Label Space". Why? So as to put a Linux powered robotic Australian Marsupial on the moon. Simple really. smile

The Google Lunar X-Prize awards US$20 million to the first team to safely land a rover on the moon which successfully roves more than 500 meters and transmits back high definition images and video, with bonuses for extra achievements.

"White Label Space" is a Google Lunar X-Prize (GLXP) team we like the look of, which is why we're partnering with them.

The Numbat is a small smart and very cute endangered Australian Marsupial. It's efficiencies and intelligence represent the attributes we aspire to in our rover.

While our primary goal is to assist "White Label Space" to succeed in the GLXP, our reasons for doing so also include bringing about innovations in Space Science using Open Source technologies, to collaborate with other Space Science entities, to educate as to the grand benefits that Space Science provides all people and advocate the formation of a combined Space Agency by Australia and New Zealand. Lunar Numbat can help us not only to get to the Moon, but to get ourselves sorted on Terra Firma.

As for the moon, it's our companion world, our off shore island. Invariably when you learn about the moon, you learn about the Earth. In more ways than may seem self evident, they're linked.

Sound like fun to you? Then come join us!

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